Submitted Abstracts

2018 COMPRES Annual Meeting

Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort, Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico

August 05, 2018 to August 08, 2018

Oral Presentation
Poster Presentation
Oral and Poster
*Student/Post-doc submission

1. Christine Beavers (University of California, Santa Cruz/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) M. Kunz, J. Yan, A. Doran, Q. Williams - COMPRES Facility Update: Beamline 12.2.2 at the Advanced Light Source

2. Wenli Bi (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign/Argonne National Laboratory) Jiyong Zhao, Esen Ercan Alp, Michael Y. Hu, Ahmet Atlas, Ayman Said, Thomas Toellner, Jay Bass - Inelastic and Nuclear Resonant X-ray Scattering at the Advanced Photon Source (Sectors 3ID and 30ID)

3. *Nigel Brauser (University of Chicago) B. A. Chidester, A. H. Davis, E. Greenberg, V. B. Prakapenka, and A. J. Campbell - Experimental thermal equations of state of B2 RbBr and CsI

4. Pamela Burnley (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) Matthew Whitaker, Taryn Traylor, Shirin Kaboli, Dawn Reynoso - Ultrasonic P and S wave velocity measurements on polycrystalline olivine during deformation using the DIASCoPE and D-DIA apparatus at APS 6BMB

5. Bin Chen (University of Hawaii at Manoa) Xiaojing Lai, Jing Gao, Yingxin Liu, Dongzhou Zhang, Przemyslaw Dera, Jin Zhang, Vitali Prakapenka, Sergey Tkachev - Single crystal elasticity of ice VII up to 35 GPa

6. Haiyan Chen (Stony Brook University) Matthew L. Whitaker, Kenneth J. Baldwin, Willain B, Huebsch, Michael T. Vaughan, Donald J. Weidner - COMPRES Multi-anvil Facility at Beamline 6BM-B of the Advanced Photon Source

7. *Sasithorn Chornkrathok (University of Hawaii at Manoa) Przemyslaw Dera - Structure and behavior of the Ni end-member schreibersite, (Ni3P), under deep Earth conditions

8. *Thomas Clement (Union College) John Linarelli - Diffusion of Pd through FeS: Implications for the Age of the Solar System

9. *Anne Davis (University of Chicago) B.A. Chidester, E. Greenberg, V.B. Prakapenka, A.J. Campbell - Carbonate-metal reactions in the mantle

10. *Jonathon Dolinschi (Arizona State University) S.-H. Dan Shim and Kurt Leinenweber - Mineralogy of Martian Interior with Isotopic Chemical Model

11. *Junjie Dong (Harvard University) Rebecca A. Fischer, Lars Stixrude, Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni - Water Storage Capacity of Earth’s Mantle and Its Temporal Evolution

12. *Rajkrishna Dutta (Princeton University) B. Kiefer, V.B. Prakapenka, T.S. Duffy - High-pressure behavior of AO2 (A = Sn, Pb, Hf) compounds beyond 2 Mbars

13. *Alexandra Faccenda (Case Western Reserve University) Jeffrey Pigott, James Van Orman, Julien Chantel, Katherine Crispin, Zhicheng Jing - Influence of pressure on diffusion in iron sulfides

14. *Yang Gao (Texas Tech University) Yanzhang Ma, Qi An, Valery Levitas, Yanyan Zhang, Biao Feng, Jharna Chaudhuri, William A. Goddard III - Shear driven formation of nano-diamonds at sub-gigapa and 300 K

15. *Sean Grant (University of Texas/Sandia National Laboratories) Tommy Ao, Aaron Berstein, Jung-Fu "Afu" Lin, Andrew Porwitzky, Christopher Seagle - Equation of State Measurements on Iron Along an Elevated Isentrope to 400 GPa

16. *Jesse Gu (University of Texas at Austin) Suyu Fu, James Gardner, Jung-Fu Lin - The Effect of H2O on the Anomalous Properties of Hydrous Rhyolitic Glass up to 3 GPa

17. Gabriel Gwanmesia (Delaware State University) Alwin James, Dai Lidong, Matthew L. Whitaker, Richard Triplett - Elasticity of polycrystalline β-Mg2SiO4 containing 0.73 wt.% H2O to 10 GPa and 600 K by ultrasonic interferometry technique comb

18. *Mya Habermann (University of New Mexico) Carl Agee - The Ungrouped Trachyandesite Achondrite Northwest Africa 11575

19. *Ryan Klein (Northwestern University) J. P. S. Walsh, S. M. Clarke, Y. Guo, W. Bi, G. Fabbris, Y. Meng, D. Haskel, E. E. Alp, R. P. Van Duyne, S. D. Jacobsen, D. E. F -  Impact of Pressure on Magnetic Order in Jarosite

20. *Byeongkwan Ko (Arizona State University) Sang-Heon Shim, Vitali Prakapenka, Martin Kunz, Ercan E. Alp. - Incorporation of Calcium into Bridgmanite in Earth’s lower mantle

21. *Britany Kulka (Arizona State University) Jonathan Dolinschi, Jacqueline Tappan, S.-H. Dan Shim, and Kurt Leinenweber - The Bridgmanite-Majorite-Akimotoite Triple Point Measured in Multi-Anvil Press and Laser-Heated Diamond Anvil Cell

22. *Xue Liang (Florida International University) Jiuhua Chen, Qiaoshi Zeng, Maria Teresa Mora - Effects of temperature on the short-range order of ternary metallic glass

23. Robert Liebermann (Stony Brook University) Ting Chen, Gabriel Gwanmesia, Lars Ehm, Charles Le Losq, Daniel Neuville, Brian Phillips, Baosheng Li - Sound velocities in KAlSi3O8-hollandite [liebermannite] vs. pressure

24. Robert Liebermann (Stony Brook University) Career Path Crossings of HWG II and RCL: Personal, Scientific and Administrative

25. Robert Liebermann (Stony Brook University) Lars Ehm and Gabriel Gwanmesia - A Career Path for Underrepresented Minority Students from MSIs to National Laboratories

26. *John Linarelli (Union College) High Temperature and High Pressure Lead Diffusion in Iron Sulfide

27. Yingxin Liu (China University of Geosciences, Beijing) Dan Ju, Jingjing Niu - Phase Transitions of Albite and Andesine at High Pressure

28. *Anwar Mohiuddin (Yale University) Jennifer Girard and Shun-ichiro Karato - Laboratory simulation of deformation of a subducted slab in the mantle transition zone

29. *Sabry Moustafa (The State University of New York at Buffalo) Leonid Pourovskii, Andrew Schultz, and David Kofke - First-principles an-harmonic free energy calculation of iron up to core conditions: Implications for Earth inner core structure

30. *Caroline Pierotti (University of New Mexico) Ming Hao and Jin S Zhang - Elasticity of the Composition Dependence of Diopside-Jadeite System and Single-Crystal Omphacite Up to 18 GPa

31. *Jeffrey Pigott (Los Alamos National Laboratory) Erik Hauri, Jianhua Wang, Julien Chantel, Zhicheng Jing, Jian Han, Henry Scott, James Van Orman - Self-diffusion in zinc at high pressure: Insight into the rheology of Earth’s inner core

32. *Melinda Rucks (Stony Brook University) M. L. Whitaker, T. D. Glotch, and J. B. Parise - Tissintite formation using in-situ sychrotron-based multi-anvil techniques and its implications for impact events

33. *Krista Sawchuk (University of California, Los Angeles) Chris McGuire, Quentin Williams, Abby Kavner - A High Pressure XRD Study of Structural Changes in Anglesite

34. *Hannah Shelton (University of Hawaii at Manoa) Tiange Bi, Eva Zurek, Jesse Smith, and Przemyslaw Dera - The ideal crystal structure of cristobalite X-I: A bridge in SiO2 densification

35. *Yanhan Si (University of Michigan) The equation of state of clinohumite

36. *Melissa Sims (Stony Brook University) S. Jaret, B. Rhymer, J. S. Smith, M.L. Whitaker, T.D. Glotch, and L. Ehm - Deformation in olivine during rapid compression as an analogue for shock processes

37. *Terry-Ann Suer (Harvard University) Julien Siebert, Laurent Remusat, Guillaume Fiquet - Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Platinum at Core Formation Conditions

38. *Joshua Townsend (Sandia National Laboratories) Seth Root, Erik Davies, Sarah T Stewart, Luke Shulenburger - A multiphase equation of state of Mg2SiO4 for planetary science

39. *Katlyn Turner (Harvard University) Jennifer Szymanowski, Fuxiang Zhang, Yu Lin, Kristi Pellegrini, Brendan McGrail, Wendy Mao, Peter Burns, Rodney Ewing - The High Pressure Response of Uranyl Nano-Cages: Insights on the Roles of Chemistry and Cluster Topology

40. *Katlyn Turner (Harvard University) Dylen Rittman, Rachel Heymach, Madison L. Turner, Cameron Tracy, Wendy L. Mao and Rodney C. Ewing - The pressure-induced structural response of rare earth hafnate and stannate pyrochlore from 0.1-50 GPa

41. *Cayman Unterborn (Arizona State University) Wendy Panero - The Pressure and Temperature Phase Space of Rocky Exoplanets

42. *Zoltan Vaci (University of New Mexico) Carl Agee and M. Humayun - Melting and Differentiation of Ordinary Chondrite Parent Body Material

43. *Cara Vennari (University of California, Santa Cruz) Christine Beavers and Quentin Williams - High Pressure Changes to the Carbonate Ion: Implications for Carbon Retention in the Mantle

44. *James Walsh (Northwestern University) S. M. Clarke, K. M. Powderly, A. D. Tamerius, Y. Meng, S. D. Jacobsen and D. E. Freedman - High-Pressure Synthesis of Novel Binary Intermetallics

45. *Siheng Wang (Stony Brook University) Ting Chen, Nao Cai, Xintong Qi, Adrian Fiege, Robert C. Liebermann, Baosheng Li - Velocity softening in natural orthopyroxene at high P-T: Implication for velocity anomalies in cold subducted slabs

46. Donald Weidner (Stony Brook University) Li Li, Matthew L. Whitaker, Haiyan Chen, and Richard Triplett - Simultaneous mHz and MHz Elastic Moduli Measurements at High P & T

47. Matthew Whitaker (Stony Brook University) Rucks, Melinda J.; Sims, Melissa L.; Jaret, Steven J. - New and Improved Non-Traditional Experimental Techniques to Study Materials at High Pressures

48. Matthew Whitaker (Stony Brook University) Baldwin, Kenneth J.; Huebsch, William R.; Vaughan, Michael T.; Weidner, Donald J.; Triplett, Richard S. - MAXPD: COMPRES Multi-Anvil Facility at Beamline XPD-D at NSLS-II

49. *Man Xu (Case Western Reserve University) Zhicheng Jing, Julien Chantel, Peixiu Jiang, Tony Yu and Yanbin Wang - Ultrasonic velocity of diopside liquid at upper mantle conditions: Constraints on velocity reduction due to partial melts

50. *Jing Yang (Carnegie Institution for Science) Yingwei Fei - Interstitial Carbon in Solid Fe at High Pressures: Implication to Carbon Content in the Earth’s Inner Core

51. *Ethan Yen (University of California, Berkeley) Martin Kunz - Spatial distribution of thermal pressure in a laser-heated diamond anvil cell

52. *Tommy Yong (University of Hawaii at Manoa) Przemyslaw Dera and Dongzhou Zhang - Single-crystal X-ray diffraction of grunerite up to 25.63 GPa: A new high-pressure clinoamphibole polymorph

53. Dongzhou Zhang (University of Hawaii at Manoa) Przemyslaw Dera, Peter Eng, Joanne Stubbs, Vitali Prakapenka, Mark Rivers, Yi Hu - High pressure single crystal diffraction at PX2

54. *Yanyao Zhang (University of Texas at Austin) Suyu Fu, Jung-Fu Lin, Takashi Yoshino  - Elasticity of Silica across the Post-stishovite Transition in the Lower Mantle

55. *Claire Zurkowski (University of Chicago) Eran Greenberg, Vitali B. Prakapenka, Andrew J. Campbell - Stability of the high pressure phase Fe3(S,O)2 to Earth and planetary core conditions in the Fe--S--O system