This consortium, which was founded in May, 2002, is committed to support and advocate research in materials properties of Earth and planetary interiors with a particular emphasis on high-pressure science and technology, and related fields. COMPRES, which derives its primary financial support from the National Science Foundation, is charged with the oversight and guidance of important high-pressure laboratories at several national facilities, such as synchrotrons and neutron sources. These have become vital tools in Earth science research. COMPRES supports the operation of beam lines, the development of new technology for high-pressure research, and advocates for science and educational programs to various funding agencies.

COMPRES is community based. Educational and not-for-profit US Institutions are eligible to become members, and each institution is entitled to one vote in the decision process. The membership defines policy and charts the future of the consortium. Other organizations and non-US institutions are eligible to be affiliated members with a non-voting representative to all COMPRES business meeting.

Membership requires:

  1. A letter from an Institutional administrator of position above Department Chair (such as a Dean) requesting membership
  2. The completion by this person of the form that identifies the Institutional representative to COMPRES

Membership in COMPRES brings a voice in the decision-making process of the organization and financial support for the representative to attend the annual meeting. There is no financial cost to the Institution. The only obligation that the Institution assumes is an active interest and participation in the organization. Thus, becoming a member offers only gains with little cost to the Institution.

We have prepared typical letters that you can send to your Dean and that your Dean can send to Carl Agee, President, requesting Membership along with the appropriate form. These are prepared for Affliliate with non-voting representative on electorate (27.4 kB) (word .doc) and for Institutional member with appointed elector (31 kB) (word .doc). Be sure to replace the text in CAPS (italic and red) with appropriate verbage.