Lecture Series

Former COMPRES Distinguished Lecturers
2008-2009 Wendy Mao (Stanford), David Walker (Columbia)
2009-2010 Jackie Li (Michigan), Harry Green (UCR)
2010-2011 Wendy Panero (Ohio State), Jim van Orman (CWR)
2011-2012 Abby Kavner (UCLA), Andrew Campbell (Chicago)
2012-2013 James Tyburczy (ASU), Elizabeth Cottrell (SI)
2013-2014 Jennifer Jackson (Caltech), Mark Frank (NIU)
2014-2015 Lowell Miyagi (Utah), Przemyslaw Dera (Hawaii)
2015-2016 Heather Watson (RPI), Kanani Lee (Yale)
2017-2018 Suki Dorfman (Michigan State), Quentin Williams (UCSC)
2018-2019 Bin Chen (Univeristy of Hawaii), Anne Pommier (UCSD – SIO/IGPP)
2019-2020 Rebecca Fischer (Harvard University)


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