2019 COMPRES Annual Meeting

Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, Montana

August 02, 2019 to August 05, 2019

Bold indicates student/post-doc
*Keynote Speaker


Last Name First Name Institution Affiliation
Agee Carl University of New Mexico
Alp Ercan Argonne National Laboratory
Arveson Sarah Yale University
Baker Jason Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bass Jay University of Illinois
Bauer Cary Bruker AXS, Inc
Beavers Christine Diamon Light Source
Bi Wenli Argonne National Laboratory/UIUC
Brauser Nigel University of Chicago
Brugman Benjamin Michigan State University
Buchen Johannes California Institute of Technology
Cai Nao Stony Brook University
Campbell Andrew University of Chicago
Chariton Stella University of Chicago
Chen Bin University of Hawaii
Chen Haiyan Stony Brook University
Chen Huawei Arizona State University
Chen Jiuhua Florida International University
Chen Sibo Stony Brook University
Chidester Bethany University of California, Davis
Chornkrathok Sasithorn University of Hawaii
Cline II Christopher Jacobs, JETS, NASA JSC
Danielson Lisa Los Alamos National Laboratory
Davis Anne University of Chicago
Dobrosavljevic Vasilije California Institute of Technology
Dong Junjie Harvard University
Dorfman Suki Michigan State University
Duffy Thomas Princeton University
Dutta Rajkrishna Princeton University
Esperanca Sonia National Science Foundation
Fischer Rebecca Harvard University
Fortin Marc-Antoine Union College
Fu Suyu University of Texas at Austin
Gao Jing Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ginsberg Paul University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Girard Jennifer Yale University
Goossens Hans Technodiamant
Greenberg Eran University of Chicago
Gu Jesse University of Texas at Austin
Ha Beth University of New Mexico
Hao Ming University of New Mexico
Hou Mingqiang University of New Mexico
Hu Qingyang Center for High Pressure & Technology Advanced Research
Ishii Miaki Harvard University
Jackson Colin Tulane University
Jackson Jennifer California Institute of Technology
Kalkan Bora University of California, Santa Cruz
Kavner Abby University of California, Los Angeles
Klein Ryan Northwestern University
Knittle Elise University of California, Santa Cruz
Kunz Martin ALS/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lai Xiaojing University of Hawaii
Lee Yongjae Yonsei University
Li Baosheng Stony Brook University
Li Yingzhe University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Liang Xue Florida International University
Liebermann Bob Stony Brook University
Liu Yungui China University of Geosciences, Wuhan
Liu Zhenxian University of Illinois, Chicago
Lv Mingda Michigan State University
Mittal Ved Yale University
Mueller Hans J. Karlsrühe Institute of Technology
*Nakajima Miki University of Rochester
Ott Jason University of California, Santa Cruz
Panero Wendy Ohio State
Pardo Olivia California Institute of Technology
Pease Allison University of Michigan
Perez Tyler Johns Hopkins University
Piet Helene Arizona State University
Qin Shan Peking University
Rastogi Vinay Johns Hopkins University
Raterron Paul National Science Foundation
Rivers Mark University of Chicago
Rowland II Rick Jacobs, JETS, NASA JSC
Rucks Melinda Stony Brook University
Ryu Young University of Chicago
Said Ayman Argonne National Laboratory
*Savage Heather Columbia University
Sawchuk Krista University of California, Los Angeles
Shahar Anat Carnegie Institution for Science
Sharp Thomas Arizona State University
Shelton Hannah Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Shim S.-H. Dan Arizona State University
Si Yanhan University of Michigan
Silber Reynold Yale University
Sims Melissa Johns Hopkins University
*Skemer Phil Washington University in St. Louis
Slaperud Dave Advanced Diamond Products
*Smrekar Suzanne NASA JPL
Smyth Joe University of Colorado
Solomatova Natalia ENS de Lyon
Statom Gloria University of New Mexico
Sturhahn Wolfgang California Institute of Technology
Sturtevant Blake Los Alamos National Laboratory
Su Wen Chinese Academy of Sciences
Swadba Kellie University of Chicago
Tecklenburg Sabrina Stanford University
Tracy Sally June Geophysical Lab, Carnegie Institution for Science
Traylor Taryn University of Las Vegas, Nevada
Vaci Zoltan University of New Mexico
Vaughan Michael Stony Brook University
Vennari Cara University of California, Santa Cruz
Wade Jennifer National Science Foundation
Walsh James University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Walter Michael Geophysical Lab, Carnigie Institute for Science
Wang Siheng Stony Brook University
Watson Heather Union College
Weidner Donald Stony Brook University
Wenz Michelle Northwestern University
Whitaker Matthew Stony Brook University
Wicks June Johns Hopkins University
Williams Quentin University of California, Santa Cruz
Wu Xiang China University of Geosciences
Xu Man Case Western Reserve University
Yan Jinyuan University of California, Santa Cruz
Yang Hong Stanford University
Ye Zixuan Johns Hopkins University
Yu  Tony University of Chicago
Zhang Dongzhou University of Hawaii
Zhang Jin University of New Mexico
Zhang Yanyao University of Texas at Austin
Zhao Jiyong Advanced Photon Source
Zhou Dongyuan University of Science & Technology of China
Zhou Wenyi University of New Mexico
Zhu Feng University of Hawaii
Zurkowski Claire University of Chicago



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