Abstracts Submitted

2016 COMPRES Annual Meeting

June 19, 2016 to June 23, 2016

Oral Presentation + Poster
Poster Only
*Student submission

1. Ercan E. Alp (Argonne National Laboratory), Bi, W., Zhao, J., Hu, M. Y., Toellner, T. S., Alatas, A., Said, A. and Bass, J. – Progress in Nuclear Resonant and Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Studies Under High Pressure

2. Christine Beavers (COMPRES/Advanced Light Source), O’Bannon, E., Doran, A., Kunz, M. and Williams, Q. C. – Single Crystal High Pressure Diffraction at the Advanced Light Source

3. Wenli Bi (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Alp, E., Zhao, J., Hu, M. and Sinogeikin, S. – Studies of the α-ε Transformation in Iron at Various Temperatures by Synchrotron Mössbauer Spectroscopy

4. *Nicolas Blanc (University of California, Santa Cruz), Williams, Q. C. and El Bali, B. – A High-Pressure Vibrational Spectroscopic Study of Chromium Diphosphate and Iron Diphosphate up to 25 GPa

5. Nao Cai (Mineral Physics Institute, Stony Brook University), Inoue, T. and Kikegawa, T. – Compressibility of a New Al-Bearing Hydrous Mg-Silicate (23 Å phase) Under High Pressure and High Temperature

6. Bin Chen (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Lai, X., Zhu, F., Liu, J. and Kono, Y. – Viscosity of Fe-Ni-C Liquids at High Pressures

7. *Ting Chen (Stony Brook University), Zou, Y., Wang, X., Qi, X., Liebermann, R. C., and Li, B. – Anomalous Elastic Properties of Stishovite From High Pressure Ultrasonic Measurements and ab initio Calculations

8. Cecilia S. N. Cheung (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Weidner, D., Triplett, R., Li, L., Chen H. and Whitaker, M. L. – Stepping Away From Single Mineral Phased Mineral: What Can We Learn About Stress Distribution in Siltstone Rock Core Deformation Using Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction

9. *Bethany A. Chidester (University of Chicago), Shofner, G. A., Rahman, Z., Righter, K., Lanzirotti, A. and Campbell, A. J. – Synchrotron XANES Measurement of W Oxidation State in High Pressure Metal-Silicate Partitioning Samples

10. Alisha N. Clark (IMPMC, France), Morard, G., Le Godec, Y., Guignot, N. and King, A. – The Anomalous Behavior of Silicate Glasses and Liquids on Densification: A Combined X-Ray Tomography and Diffraction Study at High Pressure

11. Lisa Danielson (Jacobs JETS, NASA JSC), Righter, K., Draper, D. and McCubbin F. – Community Extreme Tonnage User Service: A 5000-Ton Open Research Facility in the United States

12. Lisa Danielson (Jacobs JETS, NASA JSC) and Draper, D. – Partnering with NASA JSC for Community Research Needs; Collaborative and Student Opportunities via Jacobs and PSAMS Initiative

13. *Junjie Dong (University of Michigan) and Li, J. – Is the Earth’s Core Still Growing? Assessing the Fate of Molten Iron-Carbon Alloy by Investigating Its Wetting of Mantle Silicates

14. *Suyu Fu (University of Texas at Austin), Yang, J. and Lin, J. F. – Single Crystal Elasticity of Magnesiosiderite in the Lower Mantle

15. *Paul Ginsberg (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Bass, J. – Single-Crystal Elastic Properties of Augite

16. *Sean Grant (University of Texas at Austin), Ao, T., Bernstein, A., Davis, J. P., Ditmire, T., Dolan, D., Lin, J. F. and Seagle, C. – Updates on Single-Shot Ellipsometry for Iron Studies

17. *Chhavi Jain (Yale University) – Non-Uniqueness in Flow Law Parameters for Olivine Polycrystalline Aggregates

18. Bijaya B. Karki (Louisiana State University) – First-Principles Computation of Mantle Materials in Crystalline and Amorphous Phases

19. Martin Kunz (Advanced Light Source/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Yan, J., MacDowell, A., Doran, A., Beavers, B. and Williams Q. C. – How Accurately Can We Measure the Temperature in a Laser Heated Diamond Anvil Cell?

20. *Xiaojing Lai (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Chen, B., Zhu, F., Liu, J. and Zhang, D. – Thermal Equation of State of Fe7C3 by Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction

21. *John D. Lazarz (Northwestern University), Scherer, M., Bolme, C. A., Ramos, K. J. and Jacobsen, S. D. – New High Pressure and High Temperature Brillouin Spectroscopy Capabilities at LANL

22. Yongjae Lee (Yonsei University, Korea), Kim, K. J., Lee, G. W., Hyun, S. P. and Anh, D. – Construction of Max-X (Matter in eXtreme conditions X-Ray) Beamline at Pohang Accelerator Laboratory

23. *Yingzhe Li (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Bass, J. – Single Crystal Elastic Properties of Hemimorphite

24. *Xue Liang (SeMSEC, FIU), Fernandez, J. and Chen, J. – Crystallization and Indentation Characteristics of Ce75Al23Si2

25. *Chris McGuire (University of California, Los Angeles), Greenberg, A., Santamari-Perez, D., Makhluf, A. and Kavner, A. – Isothermal equation of state of Fe5Si3 up to 96 GPa

26. *Xianghai Meng (University of Texas at Austin), Yang, J., Fu, S., Lin, J. F., Singh, A. and Wang, Y. – Phonon Dynamics and Thermal Conductivity of Bulk MoS2 under High Pressure

27. *Rachel A. Morrison (California Intstitute of Technology) Jackson, J. M., Sturhahn, W. and Zhang, D. – Equations of State of Fe10Ni and Fe10Ni5Si at High Pressure

28. *Sulgiye Park (Stanford University), Tracy, C. L., Zhang, F., Park, C., Trautmann, C., Finkeldei, S., Lang, M., Mao, W. L. and Ewing, R. C. – Effects of Irradiation-Induced Structural Disordering in Zirconate Pyrochlores at High Pressures

29. Anne Pommier (University of California, San Diego/SIO), Kohlstedt, D. L., Hansen, L., Mackwell, S. J., Tasaka, M., Heidelbach, F. and Leinenweber, K. – Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Shear on the Electrical Properties of Polycrystalline Olivine and the Role of Grain Boundaries

30. *Xintong Qi (Stony Brook University), Wang, X., Chen, T. and Li, B. – Experimental and First-Principles Studies on the Elastic Properties of α- Hafnium Metal Under Pressure

31. *Fei Qin (Northwestern University), Wu, X., Townsend, J. P. and Jacobsen, S. D. – High Pressure Behavior of Natural Single-Crystal Epidote and Clinozoisite up to 40 GPa

32. *Mary M. Reagan (Stanford University), Gleason, A. E. and Mao, W. L. – The Effect of Nickel on the Strength of Hcp-Iron at High-Pressure

33. *Dylan R. Rittman (Stanford University), Gleason, A. E., Torralva, B., Mao, W. L., Yalisove, S. M. and Ewing, R. C. – Ultrafast Laser Induced Irreversible Phase Transformations

34. *Rick Rowland II (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) and Burnley, P. – Phase Equilibria and Compressibility of Bastnaesite-(La)

35. *Paul Sanders (Auburn University) and Dong, J. – First-Principles Computational Methods Beyond the Quasi-Harmonic Approximation and the Improved High Temperature EOS Models of Mantle Minerals

36. Antonio M. dos Santos (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Tulk, C. A., and Molaison, J. J. - Opportunities for Geosciences using High Pressure Neutron Scattering

37. Rick A. Secco (University of Western Ontario), Ezenwa, I. C., Sukara, R. E., Littleton, J. A. H. and Yong W. – Resistivity of Liquid Transition Metals on the Pressure-Dependent Melting Boundary

38. Rick A. Secco (University of Western Ontario) and Yong, W. – Low Temperature System for a 3000 Ton Multi-Anvil Press

39. *Hannah Shelton (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Dera, P. and Smith, J. – The Behavior of Single-Crystal Cristobalite X-I Under Dynamic Decompression

40. Gaurav Shukla (University of Minnesota), Cococcioni, M. and Wentzcovitch R. M. – Thermoelasticity of Iron and Aluminum-Bearing Bridgmanite

41. Gaurav Shukla (University of Minnesota) and Wentzcovitch, R. M. – Spin Crossover in (Mg, Fe3+)(Si, Fe3+)O3 Bridgmanite; Effects of Disorder, Iron Concentration, and Temperature

42. *Pedro R. C. da Silveira (University of Minnesota), Sarkar, K. and Wentzcovitch, R. M. – The VLab Repository of Thermodynamics and Thermoelastic Properties of Minerals

43. *Joshua P. Townsend (Northwestern University), Tsuchiya, J., Bina, C. R. and Jacobsen, S. D. – Water Partitioning Between Bridgmanite and Postperovskite in the Lowermost Mantle

44. *Katlyn M. Turner (Stanford University), Rittman, D. R., Heymach, R., Tracy, C., Mao, W. L. and Ewing, R. C. – The Pressure-Induced Structural Response of A2Hf2O7 (A=Y, Sm, Eu, Gd, Dy, Yb) Compounds from 0.1-50 GPa

45. *Juan J. Valencia-Cardona (University of Minnesota), Shukla, G., Wu, Z., Yuen, D. and Wentzcovitch, R. M. – Impact of Ferropericlase Spin Crossover on the Lower Mantle Geotherm

46. *Cara Vennari (University of California, Santa Cruz) and William, Q. C. – High Pressure Raman Study of the Alkali/Calcium Carbonate, Shortite

47. Yuejian Wang (Oakland University), Efthimiopoulos, I. and Buchan, C. – High-Pressure Behavior of Stibnite (Sb2S3)

48. Matthew L. Whitaker (MPI, Stony Brook University), Chen, H., Baldwin, K. J., Huebsch, W. B., Vaughan, M. T. and Weidner, D. J. – Six-BoMB: COMPRES Multi-Anvil Facility at Beamline 6-BM-B of the Advanced Photon Source

49. Matthew L. Whitaker (MPI, Stony Brook University), Baldwin, K. J., Huebsch, W. B., Vaughan, M. T. and Weidner, D. J. – XP-Double-D: Planned COMPRES Multi-Anvil Facility at Beamline XPD-D at NSLS-II (Presented by Don Weidner)

50. June K. Wicks (Princeton University), Smith, R. F., Kraus, R. G., Eggert, J. H., Coppari, F., Newman, M. and Duffy, T. S. – Crystal Structure of Fe-Si Alloys at TPa Pressures

51. *Jingui Xu (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Zhang, D., Dera, P., Zhang, J. S. and Fan, D. – Phase Evolutions of Hydrous Orthoenstatite at High Pressures and Temperatures

52. *Jing Yang (University of Texas, Austin), Lin, J. F., Jacobsen, S. D., Sergey, N. T. and Prakapenka, V. B. – Elasticity and Thermally-Induced Seismic Heterogeneity of Ferropericlase in the Earth’s Lower Mantle

53. Tony Yu (University of Chicago), Wang, Y., Shi, F., Prakapenka, V., Eng, P., Stubbs, J. and Rivers, M. – Updates on Large-Volume, High Pressure Research at GSECARS Beamlines, Advanced Photon Source

54. Jin S. Zhang (University of Hawaii at Manoa) and Dera, P. – COMPTECH Operation at APS for the Past 1.5 Years

55. Feng Zhu (University of Michigan), Li, J., Walker, D., Liu, J. and Zhang D. – Origin and Consequences of Nonstoichiometry in Fe7C3

56. *Zoltan Vaci (University of New Mexico), Agee, C. B., Brearley, A. J., Spilde, M. N. - Electron Microprobe and Transmission Electron Microanalysis