Detailed Program

2014 COMPRES Annual Meeting

Skamania Lodge Stevenson, Washington

June 16, 2014 to June 19, 2014

Program Committee: Nancy Ross (chair), Andrew Campbell, Przemek Dera, Chris Cline/Jeffrey Pigott (Student Representatives)

Monday, June 16 (Day 1)

4:00 PM Check-in  (Conference Center Lobby)

Setup Posters  (Stevenson C & D)

6:00 PM Poster Session with refreshments (Stevenson C & D)

7:30 PM Dinner (Cascade Dining Room)

Students and postdocs to mingle afterwards 

Tuesday, June 17 (Day 2)

7:30 AM Breakfast (Cascade Dining Room)

Morning Session (Main Meeting Room: Stevenson A & B)

Session Chair – Nancy Ross (Virginia Tech)

8:30 AM Welcome and Introduction
Jay Bass (President of COMPRES) and Pamela Burnley (Chair of COMPRES Exec Committee)
8:50 AM Keynote Talk – Tim Strobel (Carnegie Institution of Washington)
"High-pressure synthesis: novel materials and approaches"

9:30 AM Contributed talks(10-15 min each)

9:30 AM Alexandra Navrotsky (UC Davis)
"Carbon substitution for oxygen in silicates in planetary interiors"

9:45 AM Zhixue Du (Yale University)
"Experimental studies on melting Earth’s lower mantle minerals"

9:55 AM Dongzhou Zhang (Caltech)
"Melt detection of candidate core materials at high pressures using atomic dynamics measurements and a fast temperature readout system"

10:05 AM Yingxia Shi (Stanford University)
"Visualizing Earth’s core formation using nanoscale x-ray tomography"

10:15 AM Coffee Break (Conference Center Lobby)

10:30 AM Planning for COMPRES IV
Jay Bass (President of COMPRES) and Pamela Burnley (Chair of COMPRES Exec Committee)

10:50 AM Infrastructure Development projects
Abby Kavner (Infrastructure Chair) - Overview with selected presentations

11:20 AM Facilities projects
Andrew Campbell (Facilities Chair) - Overview


Christine Beavers - Beamline 12.2 High pressure Diffraction at the ALS
Matt Whitaker - COMPRES Synchrotron-based multi-anvil research: Where we are and where we are going?
Donald Weidner - BM-6 LVP project at APS
Przemyslaw Dera - PX^2/APS 13-BM-C and COMPTECH
Zhenxian Liu IR-DAC facility at NSLS and FIS at NSLS-II
Mark Rivers - GSECARS status
12:30 PM Lunch (Cascade Dining Room)

Afternoon Session (Main Meeting Room: Stevenson A & B)

Session Chair – Andrew Campbell (University of Chicago)

2:00 PM Keynote Talk – Jessica Irving (Princeton University)
"Seismological imaging of Earth’s inner core"
2:40 PM Coffee Break  (Conference Center Lobby)

3:00 PM Keynote Talk – Alessandro Forte (Université du Québec à Montréal)
"Importance of Mineral Physics for Modeling the 3-D Structure and Dynamics of the Mantle"

3:40 PM Poster Cameos (1-minute presentations)
4:30 PM Poster session with lubrication (Stevenson C & D)

6:30 PM Dinner (Cascade Dining Room)

After dinner - Return to Posters

Wednesday, June 18 (Day 3)

7:30am Breakfast (Cascade Dining Room)

Morning Session (Main Meeting Room: Stevenson A & B)

Session Chair – Przemyslaw Dera (University of Hawaii)

8:30 AM Keynote Talk – Julia Hammer (University of Hawaii)
"Snowflakes in volcanic rocks: evidence for diverse mechanisms of crystal growth in basaltic magma reservoirs"
9:10 AM Keynote Talk – Lara Wagner (University of North Carolina)
"The Role of Water in Subduction Zone Processes: Constraints from Flat Slabs"
9:50 AM Coffee Break (Conference Center Lobby)

10:10 AM Contributed talks 

10:10 AM Harry Green (UC Riverside)
A Universal Sliding Mechanism for earthquakes?

10:25 AM Anne Pommier (Arizona State)
Experimental Investigation of the Electrical Anisotropy of the Asthenosphere 

10:35 AM Xuebin Wang (Stony Brook)
P and S wave velocities of New Mexico peridotite KLB-1 under pressure and its comparison with seismic model of western North America  

10:45 AM Alisha Clark (UC Davis)
Pressure dependent elastic properties of basalt by GHz frequency ultrasonic interferometry and high pressure X-ray microtomography  

10:55 AM Mark Rivers (APS)
The APS Multibend Achromat Upgrade: New Opportunities for the COMPRES Community  

11:10 AM Business Meeting & Election of New Officers

12:00 PM Lunch (Cascade Dining Room)

1:40 PM Group Photo

Afternoon Session (Main Meeting Room: Stevenson A & B)

Session Chair – Jeffrey Pigott (Ohio State University)

2:00 PM Keynote Talk – Malcolm Guthrie (CIW)
"Chadwick's gift: an increasing role for neutrons in the Earth Sciences"
2:40 PM Coffee Break (Conference Center Lobby)

3:00 PM COMPRES long range/strategic planning, grand challenges and opportunities
Przemyslaw Dera, Donald Weidner co-chairs - COMPRES Long-Range Planning Workshop Committee

4:00 PM Panel Discussion with students
Topic – Establishing an Independent Research Program (panelists - Jennifer Jackson, Joseph Smyth, Julia Hammer, Lara Wagner)

5:00 PM Breakout Discussions

Grad Students/Postdocs (Washington Meeting Room)   

New ID projects for COMPRES - Abby Kavner, and Pamela Burnley (Jefferson Meeting Room)

5:45 PM Role of Big Data in COMPRES - Alexandra Navrotsky (UC Davis) (Jefferson Meeting Room)

6:30 PM Banquet Dinner (Cascade Locks Ballroom)

7:30 PM Banquet Talk – Nancy Ross (Virginia Tech) and Przemyslaw Dera (University of Hawaii)
"Celebration the International Year of Crystallography"

Thursday, June 19 (Day 4)

7:30am Breakfast (Cascade Dining Room)

Morning Session (Main Meeting Room: Stevenson A & B)

Session Chair – Andrew Campbell, University of Chicago

8:30 AM Contributed Talks  

8:30 AM Jung-Fu Lin (University of Texas)
Recent Advances in Understanding Elasticity of the Earth’s Mantle and Core 

8:45 AM Ting Chen (Stony Brook University)
Anomalous Shear Properties of Coesite at High Pressure and Implications for the X-discontinuity in the Earth’s Upper Mantle  

8:55 AM Jin Zhang (University of Illinois)
Single-crystal Laser Heating Brillouin Spectroscopy & Brillouin Spectroscopy with variable q: Design & Demostration  

9:05 AM Wenli Bi (APS)
Nuclear Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering under High Pressure and at Low Temperature  

9:20 AM Moshe Pasternak (Tel Aviv)
The dilemma of the high-spin persistence into the Mbar range of some ferric-metal oxides  

9:35 AM Breakout reports


10:30 AM Coffee Break (Conference Center Lobby)

10:45 AM COMPRES Address  - Jay Bass (President of COMPRES)

11:30 AM Working groups for final thoughts and preparation for October Meeting

12:30 PM Lunch (Cascade Dining Room)

1:30PM Departure

See you next year!