Travel and Ride Info

2011 COMPRES Annual Meeting

Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg, VA

June 14, 2011 to June 17, 2011

Plan for arrival by 6PM on June 14 for dinner and ice breaker at the Kingsmill.

Nearest airports are Newport News, Norfolk and Richmond, VA. Richmond is the preferred airport because of greater service and lower traffic congestion between the airport and Kingsmill. The resort is on the James River about 50 miles east of Richmond and 3 hours from Washington, DC driving time.

Resort directions

Ride Sharing for arrivals

The resort can arrange group transfers to the airports. Its preferable if most people come in at a single airport with the most connections. Please let Steve Hurst know asap your airport and time of arrival and we will try to schedule a pickup.

If you would like to share a shuttle or rental car to the resort please email Steve Hurst before June 13.

  • Your arrival date and time at which airport.
  • Whether you are renting a car, or would like to share a ride. 

When we get enough people arriving at similar times and airports, we will try to arrange a pickup and contact the members to inform them of the booking. If anyone prefers to rent a car for the meeting and is willing to share rides, we will let them know what other members are arriving at the same time.