Detailed Program

2010 COMPRES Annual Meeting

Skamania Lodge Stevenson, Washington

June 22, 2010 to June 25, 2010

Tuesday, June 22:



 Arrival (PM) and reception plus dinner. No formal sessions.

 6:00pm - Ice Breaker (supported by industry sponsors)

7:30pm - Dinner

Wednesday, June 23: 

7:00am Breakfast

Morning Session

8:30am - Welcome and Introduction: Quentin Williams and Jay Bass
9:00am - Science and Technology Session: Chair Steven Jacobsen
Keynote Talk
Maureen Long (Yale University)
9:30am - Discussion
9:40am - Keynote Talk
Cin-Ty Lee (Rice University)
 10:10am - Discussion
10:20am - Coffee Break
10:35am - Group Photo
10:45am - Selected Graduate Student Talks (5 minutes each)
11:45am - Reports from Infrastructure Development Projects (Thomas Sharp, Chair)
• Inelestic X-ray Scattering at High P and T (Ercan Alp)
Multi-Anvil Cell Development (Kurt Leinenweber)
Gas-loading System for DACS (Mark Rivers)
Portable PE Cell at APS (New) (Yanbin Wang)
Mossbauer Spectroscopy at APS (New) (Ercan Alp)
1:00pm - Lunch
 1:30pm - Free time
3:00pm - Cameos of Posters (one minute and one slide each)
4:00pm - Official Poster Session (with lubrication)
6:00pm Dinner

Evening Session

7:30pm - Science and Technology Session: Chair Kanani Lee
Keynote Talk
Burkhard Militzer (University of California Berkeley)
8:00pm - Discussion
8:10pm Keynote Talk
Jon Eggert (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
8:40pm - Discussion

 Thursday, June 24:  

7:00am - Breakfast

Morning Session

8:30am - Science and Technology Session: Chair Jim van Orman


Keynote Talk

Matt Fouch (Arizona State University)

"Hotsheets and Cool Drips: New Views of Western U.S. Crust and Mantle Dynamics"


9:00am - Discussion


9:10am - Keynote Talk

Peter Heaney (Pennsylvania State University)

"Following Minerals on the Road to Oblivion"


9:40am Discussion


9:50am - Coffee Break


10:15am - Community Facilities Reports (Wendy Panero, Chair)

X-ray DAC at the ALS (Quentin Williams/Howard Padmore)

IR DAC at the NSLS (Zhenxian Liu)

X-ray DAC at the NSLS (Zhiqiang Chen)

•X-ray Multi-anvil at the NSLS (Donald Weidner )

•GSECARS High-Pressure Beamlines at the APS (Yanbin Wang , Vitali Prakapenka , Mark Rivers )


12:00 Noon - Annual Business Meeting: Election of New Officers and Committee Members


12:30 Lunch

Afternoon Session

2:00 to 4:00pm

"Jobs in Academic Research"

Panel Discussion advising grad students on search for faculty jobs or research posts

Chaired by Kanani Lee

Panelists: Chi-chang Kao, Charles Prewitt, Bin Chen, Thomas Duffy, Jon Eggert, Abby Kavner

Materials for Panel discussion: PDF_1, PDF_2, PDF_3, PDF4 


4:00 to 6:00pm

Graduate Student/Postdoc Breakout Session

6:00pm - Banquet Dinner

8:00 PM Evening Session, Jay Bass, Chair

Keynote Talk

Jon Aurnou (University of California Los Angeles)

"Fluid Dynamics of Planetary Interiors"


Friday, June 25:

7:00am - Breakfast

Morning Session

8:30am - Reports from Breakout Sessions


9:30am - Discussion of Strategic Planning for COMPRESS renewal proposal to be submitted in 2011.


12:00 noon - Lunch


1:00pm - Farewell and Departure


See you next year!