Mantle Composition, Structure, and Phase Transitions


To further our understanding of composition, heterogeneity, and dynamics of Earth's mantle by consideration of the constraints imposed by various disciplines, and to promote an interdisciplinary exchange of research results. Important observational constraints are provided by seismology, through the characterization of seismic discontinuities and other structures in the mantle which may have significance for global dynamics and composition. Other constraints are imposed by geochemistry, high-pressure petrology; mineral physics, and geophysical fluid dynamics. The Fréjus2003 workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers from these different domains of geosciences in order to review the state of our understanding in these areas and to propose new approaches for obtaining a more comprehensive model of the mantle. This workshop is a sequel to the first "Phase Transition and Mantle Discontinuities" workshop organized at GeoForschung Zentrum in Potsdam in April 2001.

Workshop Dates: 
Wednesday, April 2, 2003
Workshop Location: 
La Villa Clythia
2754 rue Henry Giraud
Frejus 83600