COMPRES Pre-Meeting Workshops

The COMPRES 2017 Pre-Meeting Workshops will be held on July 9, 2017 from 8am to 4pm at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort, New Mexico, USA.  Breakfast, lunch, AM and PM coffee breaks will be provided.

The Tamaya Resort is located within the Santa Ana Pueblo and is situated on the Rio Grande River at the base of Sandia Mountains. The Tamaya is 50 miles from Santa Fe, 26 miles from Albuquerque International Airport, and 23 miles from Downtown Albuquerque.

Workshop registration deadline: June 26, 2017

Single and double-occupancy lodging at Tamaya Resort is available for the workshops beginning July 8, 2017 at the discounted COMPRES meeting lodging rate of $119 per night + 14.74% tax (resort fees have been waived).  We are increasing the level of support for students and Post docs this year.  Due to the increase in support for students and Post docs, regular attendees are asked to pay for their own lodging.  To make a reservation for a hotel room click here.

COMPRES Workshop: "Ab Initio Tools for Hypothesis Testing", July 9, 2017
Check-in:  July 8, 2017
Registration Fee: $50

Organizers: Wendy Panero (Ohio State) and Razvan Caracas (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon)
Raman vibrational spectroscopy is one of the most used techniques of analysis and characterization of minerals. As an optical method, it has the advantage of being non-destructive and remote. The analysis can be performed in situ, in the field or laboratory; even Mars will have its own Raman spectrometers landed in a 2020.
We invite participants for a one-day school on computational vibrational spectroscopy targeted towards experimentalists. We will introduce the basic concepts of the ab initio simulations with a focus on the calculation of Raman spectra to facilitate analysis of experimentally observed phase transitions.  The workshop will be structured in foundational lectures in the morning, with hands on demonstration exercises in the afternoon.  The focus of the hands on demonstration will be to assess the likelihood of structural transitions from vibrational spectra.

To register for COMPRES Workshop: "Ab Initio Tools for Hypothesis Testing" click here


COMPRES Workshop: "Software Toolkit",  July 9, 2017
Check-in: July 8, 2017
Registration Fee: $50

Organizers: S.-H. Dan Shim, Cayman Unterborn (ASU), Przemyslaw Dera, Bin Chen (Univ. Hawaii), and Christopher McGuire (UCLA)
Invited Speakers: Mark Ghiorso (OFM Research) and Cayman Unterborn (ASU)
Recent developments in the COMPRES user facilities have dramatically improved the quality of the data collected and the efficiency of the measurements. New techniques have enabled us to measure multi-dimensional data, such as 2D mapping and 3D tomography. As a result, data volume has increased significantly and the data structure has become much more complicated. However, existing approaches are not sufficiently adaptive enough for such rapid evolution of data.
In this one-day workshop, we will introduce data science and computational approaches for the analysis, processing, and interpretation of the mineral physics data.  The workshop includes talks on the community software toolkit approach and existing tools (Burnman and Melt).  The workshop will also offer hands-on tutorials on python scripting combined with Jupyter notebook (S.-H. Shim), BurnMan (C. Unterborn), and Melt (M. Ghiorso).  We encourage the participation of graduate students and early-career researchers who are interested in learning basic skills in computational and data-science approaches for large datasets using Python and taking advantage of existing tools.

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Workshop Dates: 
Friday, June 9, 2017
Workshop Location: 
Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort Santa Ana Pueblo , NM 87004