Reimbursement Policy

Policy and Procedures for Reimbursements from COMPRES

Please read and follow these guidelines carefully to ensure your reimbursement is processed efficiently. 

All requests for COMPRES support must be pre-approved. No exceptions. If you are an invited speaker or keynote speaker, the organizing committee will be responsible for requesting travel support from the COMPRES Central Office.

If you have been approved, you may obtain the current forms for travel reimbursement  (for Non-University of New Mexico attendees) at the following links:

Travel reimbursement information PDF

Non-Employee Expense Reimbursement Form

W9 (US citizens and permanent residents)

W8BEN (Foreign National aka not a US citizen or permanent resident)

Please mail the forms and all required receipts to the COMPRES office address on the form. If electronic delivery is preferred, please email all forms and documents to Beth Ha (
When requesting reimbursement for a meal, you must include an itemized receipt. This is to ensure there is no reimbursement for alcoholic beverages.
Fees for flight insurance and early bird check-in cannot be reimbursed.

Expenses must be adequately accounted for within a ‘reasonable period of time’; defined by the IRS to be sixty (60) days after the expenses were paid or incurred. The sixty day window begins when the expense is paid or incurred until final approval is completed and submitted to unrestricted or restricted accounting. This is a University of New Mexico policy, so please submit all of your travel documentation immediately upon return.

Workshops/Meetings/Annual Meeting:

Travel support from COMPRES may vary. If travel support will be provided, it will be identified in the workshop/meeting announcement at  Travel support for students to attend workshops or meetings is generally limited to up to $500.00, which may cover airfare, car rental, gas, parking, tax, toll, and mileage. Fees associated with ticket exchange, upgrades, or rescheduling are not covered. For travel by air, please include proof of payment and boarding passes. Itinerary or flight confirmation cannot substitute for a receipt.

Travel expenses are generally provided for invited speakers for all workshops and meetings. 

All original receipts are required for reimbursements. Any requests that do not comply with the requirements may not be processed. Meal receipts must include itemized bill.

All documentation and forms need to be submitted to the COMPRES office within 20 days of travel.

Workshop Organizers:

Catering: Your request should include the name of vendor, contact information, and a quote or estimated cost from the vendor. Catering MUST BE PRE-APPROVED (contact Shannon Clark)

Group dining: Attach a list of names of all who attended the meal and their affiliations with the receipt.

Alcohol has to be on a separate bill and will not be reimbursed.

It is important that all services, such as video recording, AV services, catering, etc. be pre-approved. If you neglect to obtain pre-approval, reimbursements will be delayed or could be denied.

Submit a request with detailed explanations including the name of individual or organization providing the service, the type and purpose of the service, terms and conditions, estimated charge, and payment information.

Itemized receipts are required.